Forensic and Fraud Examination

We are professionals’ experts in understanding protocols, managing reviews from beginning to end, and producing documents and reports for judges, government agencies, and other investigative bodies.

We provide services in response to an array of legal, regulatory, and reputational challenges:

Anti-Money Laundering & Sanctions

Anti-Bribery & Corruption

Big Data Analytics


Cyber Incident

Forensic Investigations

Fraud Detection

Mergers & Acquisitions

Transactional Analysis

Our digital forensics experts utilize invulnerable collection techniques, preserve chain-of-custody, and can provide testimony to their methodology. Beyond providing collected data for legal review, our digital forensics team can analyze data points at the source to determine user access and behavior in support of an investigation.

Our data analytics experts transform data from a variety of sources into a format usable by investigative teams to analyze and draw insights, often building custom dashboards and interactive reports.