Bookkeeping & Accounting

Having up-to-date accurate financial information in the form of tailored management reports at your fingertips, is no longer a luxury. It is critical to ensure correct business decisions are made to give you every chance of success. You need to know where you stand at any point in time, wherever you are. Above all, you need to be ahead of the competition.

We use accounting software made for small and medium sized businesses, to deliver real-time, user-friendly accounts. We strive to eliminate paperwork, reduce data capture work and errors, and improve efficiencies.  With Manna Financial Services by your side, we will:

Structure your accounts to match your business requirements,

Do any catchup work to get you current,

Tailor your management accounts to create real-time insights, and

Deliver timely and compliant annual financial statements.

This is our specialty and the backbone of our other service offerings. Stop juggling and let us take care of this whilst you focus on and proactively manage your core business.